Hybrid Hugo

Hybrid Hugo mixes wellknown house and dance beats with classical music. "I spent between 1000 and 1500 hours on this experiment." A large setting with a Macbook, an iPad and two sound mixers (Akai APC 40 Ableton Live Controller and Pioneer CDJ-2000) is what he uses. He then mixes the different sources over three channels. He explains: "I start with a beat track and I mix this with a piece of Mozart." After a few minutes comes along Vivaldi's Summer from The Four Seasons. "Now our famous DJ Armin van Buuren plays together with Vivaldi, do you hear?" The beat track is still there and flows perfectly with the classical music, when suddenly The Phantom of the Opera emerges. It is all live, which is why it is fully appreciated, according to the DJ.

Hybrid Hugo is the world's first DJ to mix modern and classical music!