Big Data Expo

Big Data Expo Vlaanderen is a two-day expo on which companies can present their products and expertise to a specific target group that is looking for opportunities and solutions to make their data more relevant.

One section of the expo floor focuses on exhibitors who can present their latest products and services through exhibition stands. The other section is divided into several lecture rooms in which an extensive collection of presentations will be given. These lectures will address actual themes in regard to big data. There is no other event on which you will find so many data analysts, ICT managers, CEOs, data scientists and business intelligence specialists in one place. Additionally, all of them are looking for big data solutions, new features in the field and advice or tips from experts.

Simultaneous with Webshop Vakbeurs

The Big Data Expo takes place at the same time as the Webshop Vakbeurs. The Webshop Vakbeurs is also a two-day expo and offers a complete array of solutions necessary to start and sustain success in the e-commerce business. By linking the Big Data Expo and the Webshop Vakbeurs, we create an even bigger platform for professionals who want to gain new insights in regard to e-commerce and big data.