Festivak Thema Beurstours

Theme tours

During Festivak, you can meet over 250 exhibitors who will support you in all aspects of your event. You can join one of the theme tours to get a clear and concise overview of the topics and exhibitors that best suit your interests and needs.

During these tours, you will be guided around the fair in about an hour while focusing on exhibitors that match your area of interest. To ensure the highest possible benefit for visitors, the number of participants per tour is limited to 25 people, first come - first served!

How can you sign up?

After signing up for Festivak you can sign up for the theme tours. After you register for Festivak, you will receive an email to sign up (free of charge) for the networking tours. Scroll further to see the available Theme tours.

Exhibition tour

In this tour you will be given a group- tour of the exhibition and visit a number of renowned suppliers in the exhibition industry.

The tour ends at the stand of CLC Vecta who, as a trade association for Live Communication, can answer all your questions and help you expand your network.

  • 12.00 Hrs. Welcome Silent Disco – stand number 527
  • 12.15 Hrs. Coby IFS
  • 12.30 Hrs. Print.com
  • 12.40 Hrs. van Lieshout Elektra
  • 12.50 Hrs. CLC Vecta

Innovation & sustainability tour

This tour will see suppliers presenting their innovations. furthermore It also showcases products and services that contribute to a sustainable events sector.

The tour ends at the stand of Beermate, the bar of the future, where you are served a beer from a fully automated bar.

  • 13.00 Hrs. Welcome Silent Disco - stand number 527
  • 13.10 Hrs. Ecoplant Solar
  • 13.20 Hrs. Consult.live
  • 13.30 Hrs. Konligo
  • 13.45 Hrs. Beermate

Fun- & foodtour

Every organiser wants the audience to leave the event with big smiles. On this tour, you will be informed about the tastiest snacks, drinks and entertainment that will make your event a success! We end at Satheo's booth where you will be treated to a combination of fun, food & craziness.

  • 15.00 Hrs. welcome Silent Disco - stand number 527
  • 15.10 Hrs. Groeps-Escape
  • 15.25 Hrs. Sharingbox BV
  • 15.35 Hrs. Camperbaas
  • 15.50 Hrs. Satheo

Promotion tour

Are you looking for creative inspiration for you, your customers and colleagues? Be surprised by the possibilities in print, sign, textile, cardboard, gadgets & promotions. You will be guided past a selection of participants with different branding products. You will find the craziest branding ideas on this promotional tour.

We will end at the stand of Sharing Box | High Profile where you will be treated to a Kebab Karma after an inspiring story.

  • 16.00 Hrs Welcome Silent Disco - stand number 527
  • 16.10 Hrs. Print.com
  • 16.20 Hrs. InZert 3D BV
  • 16.35 Hrs. Gimmeconcepts
  • 16.45 Hrs. Zitzaq.nl
  • 16.50 Hrs. Sharingbox BV

Free tickets

Visit Festivak and make a great success of your future events!

Do you want to put on events that are planned to perfection and that people will talk about for a long time? At Festivak you will find all suppliers, inspirations and insights to surprise your visitors! Close the event season together with your fellow professionals, don't miss out on it!


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