Wattsun pop-up power b.v.


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Wattsun pop-up power b.v.

Experience an ultimate feeling of freedom with the Wattsun. Plug in and rely on a clean energy supply wherever and whenever you want!

Wattsun pop-up power B.V. was founded in 2016 with the aim of making renewable energy mobile. With our innovative product we create new opportunities for companies with a power demand in places where the power grid is can’t reach. We simplify the way these companies work through a portable plug & play battery system. The Wattsun helps
professionals to carry out their work in a more sustainable, efficient and safe manner by having power available everywhere, at all times.

From lighting set to LED screen, from dj booth to coffee machines and from ice cream truck to a bar: everything can be connected with a plug. The possibilities are endless.

Where the power grid ends, Wattsun begins ..