Unique in the Netherlands: Straw rental!

For many years, has been providing the decoration with small packages of straw at large and small events in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The great thing about this concept is that you enjoy the beautiful decoration at your event but you are not left with the bales of straw. We will pick up the bales again afterwards, even if the bales are wet or broken. You have no worries about this yourself.

We have a lot of experience with setting up locations with straw. We can also advise you in this. We can also be one of the few to impregnate our straw with a fire-retardant and certified! At many indoor locations (such as large event halls) this is an advantage.

Are you looking for decoration for your event? Consider straw, with straw you can provide decoration in many ways. Think of a Christmas market, the seats in the nativity scene, as decoration on the side, or the ice rink nearby, which could use a soft fence. Straw provides a lot of atmosphere, but also offers seating options. Fun in summer and winter, at large and small events.

Dress up your garden party nicely and add some extra sitting space, with straw bales you can create this in no time. Possibly, decoration for the straw bales can be rented. We can offer many other great options: As furniture, this is often done at wedding parties and produces a very beautiful image. At your sporting event and get a unique look. For example, a soapbox race for shielding. For decoration at markets and fairs and you will certainly make a good impression! We can deliver the straw bales at your location and pick them up again. For this a minimum of 40 straw bales applies. If you want to collect the bales, you can determine the number yourself. You are also at the right address for larger quantities. If you would like to use our straw bales, please send us an email or complete the contact form on our site. You will receive a suitable quote from us.