Do you have a conference with multiple sessions or themes that take place simultaneously?

With our silent disco event system you can achieve multiple benefits for your conference and workshop :

More attention to the presentation

  • More attention to the product presentation at your congress at the moment that everyone can listen in a concentrated way without being bothered by ambient noise. Ideal if it is not appropriate to make noise at the location. You can easily hold 3 presentations at the same time in the same room (with the use of our additional digital channel sets of up to 7 channels!). Easy channel change on the headphones when changing the presentation. Save time between the different presentations at your event.


User convenience

  • Every participant in the workshop can set their own volume on the headphones. For example, the 3 channels on the silent disco headphones can also be used for presentations in different languages: simply switch channels on the headphones. Have your workshop speaker translate and broadcast simultaneously in different languages.


Advantage of the space

  • Use the space more optimally. You only have to rent 1 room and do not have to move when changing presentations. The good atmosphere in the space of the event will be retained. The silent disco solution is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.


Constructive interaction

  • In 1 room you can make multiple workshop settings with your own screen and speakers with microphones and every session goes to 1 channel on the headphones. For audience interaction, use is made of a walking mike or - more playfully - the Catchbox, a lightweight foam block containing a microphone that can be quickly thrown through the audience. A Silent Disco moment can be fitted as an interaction or a relaxing ending or you can have a silent artist perform, via the silent disco equipment, instead of an expensive PA sound installation. Please contact us to explain your wishes and ideas for your congress, seminar, workshop. Then we will look together for the best, most creative and economical solution for your conference event.


Silent congress & workshops

  • With 7 different channels possible at the same time and more than 2000 headphones, we can also serve large conferences throughout Europe. Very suitable for event locations with difficult acoustics (eg industrial, large halls). More attention and focus on the presenter, so people record more and keep listening longer. Suitable for both general lectures and breakout sessions.
  • Exhibitors at a trade show or congress can talk to their customers and do business quietly, no noise pollution. Benefit for trade shows: our headphones allow speakers and visitors to concentrate undisturbed on the presentations and in the meantime the exhibitors can talk and do business quietly, while the lectures continue as usual, but without distracting sound.


In practice!

  • The Next Event was a good example of a complete silent congress event with positive experience, peace and more concentration Purely positive reactions, both from visitors (much more concentrated listening), speakers (the listener lingers longer and picks up more without being distracted) and the exhibitors, who were able to talk quietly in their stands and network with customers and fellow companies from the event industry. The rest times throughout the silent event were experienced as positive by everyone. So no background noise that constantly distracts you.