SEM | Smart Event Managers

SEM | Smart Event Managers

SEM | Smart Event Managers is an initiative of Ester de Graaf. She has been active in the event industry for many years and is always open to new ideas. Ester is the founder and owner of, a European Marcom & Events agency. She is now running SEM. The online event platform to inspire, mediate and train event professionals.

Under the SEM label, clients find flexibele or permanent event managers instantly, new talent is being trained, and event professionals receive coaching and practical support.

SEM is above all an enthusiastic and energetic community of colleagues who help each other with matters on which they do not compete. We share experience, expertise and, where possible, even facilities and support. For example, mediation for flexible jobs in the event sector is interesting for the self-employed who have little time for acquisition.

SEM is still a Dutch initiative, but DDG Europe has a network with international potential. The result is that the first SEMs have already been placed in England! Our international website will be live soon:

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