Mobile Locker NV

Standnr: Festivak Experience 1075

Mobile Locker NV

Mobile locker delivers high quality event lockerunits who work unattended and have numerous usp's:


Transparent data so that you always have an overview of the number of rented lockers and the corresponding income in real-time. Ideal for planning and installing sufficient lockers at your current and future event(s). There is also the possibility to accept reservations.


Simply place and move the mobile units in the spaces available or needed at your event site or festival. It is also very handy to place mobile units at different locations of (festival) campsites. We optimise every square meter


No pre-assembly required! Mobile Locker only needs an electrical cable. We install and pick up the lockers, you don’t need to worry about a thing. In no time at all we can place thousands of lockers and make sure they’re online.


Integration of cashless payments possible. Let your visitor pay with your cashless payment system thanks to our powerful and easy to use API, which allows different types of software to be integrated . During or after the event, you can follow in real-time the number of lockers that are or were rented, check which type of locker is being used most, …


Our mobile lockers can be managed completely autonomous. In this way, the lockers can be used 24 hours a day without the need for personnel. Via the terminal at the locker unit, a visitor can easily rent and access his locker by himself. We always provide multiple payment options so that the lockers continue to function autonomously offline.


Optimise the income of your event or festival! There are various ways to generate an attractive business plan: cleverly deploying lockers on your site, placing advertising space or branding on lockers, data capture for sponsors, increasing the occupancy rate of lockers by means of an autonomous system, etc. Take advantage of our experience to generate more revenue for your event/festival!