Magic Hangover

Magic Hangover

From party animal to an early bird!

Give your festival and event-goers an unique experience: help them to get rid of their hangovers!

Magic Hangover wants to liberate everyone from the annoying effects of a hangover! Our product is 100% natural, it only contains brown algae. Our product cleans out of the blood, which will decrease that horrible hangover feeling. Magic Hangover is 100% natural, 100% vegetarian, and is certified with quality marks like FDA and GMP+. 

The beauty of our product is in the fact that you take it before you start drinking. So no hassle before you go to bed with powders that you have to dissolve in 2 liters of water like some other products. Because you will forget to do it, have other things to do, or you just want to go to sleep! You can use our product multiple times a day, when you plan on drinking some more than usual. When using Magic Hangover, you will stay fit during or after an event, party or festival. 


Magic Hangover on your event or festival? 

Make use of the contemporary and tempting appearance of our product. 

Give your event, party or festival an extra dimension and help your customers get rid of that nasty hangover.

We offer a wide amount of possibilities for selling Magic Hangover on festivals, parties and events. Our product has some great selling conditions and great support for promotional, presentation and selling purposes. Ask us anything if you want to know more about our flashy promotional materials, stands and/or selling- or promotion teams. Give your visitors that NO HANGOVER experience.