Are you looking for a professional company to organize a livestream for your congress, seminar, workshop or other event?
Live Media Facilities arranges all the technology on location, for a fully catered live video production.
With a unique and affordable multi-camera recording and reliable hosting of the internet streams.
Video livestreaming increases the range of each event.
Because everyone who can’t be there can still experience it, all over the world.

The livestream of your event is broadcasted via the Internet on the company website, Facebook page, YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Without additional cost, you can use our own distribution servers, with unique options:

  • Distribution channels managed by ourselves
  • No social media restrictions
  • Branding and sponsor exposure without limitations
  • Backup connections for extra reliability
  • Satellite and multiple combined mobile channels when there is no or insufficient internet on location
  • Also for paid Livestreams
  • Up to 20 video channels available: from an advanced portable video mixer to very complete rack-mounted production units
  • 43 years of media experience

Live Media Facilities is fully specialised in live video and Internet streaming. We do nothing else every day.
Our employees are experts in video, audio and event technology.
We own the necessary livestream equipment and cameras, which guarantees flexibility and the possibility for last minute bookings.