Greener power solutions

Greener power solutions

We believe that greener is always better! We deliver the best solutions with an eye on the most sustainable option.

Greener electrifies your projects by implementing smart energy planning combined with modular batteries. This is what we call Greener projects: saving on diesel consumption, reducing CO2 emission, greenhouse gasses, dust, noise, and fumes – all while being cheaper for your wallet.

Our compact 330 kWh lithium-ion battery containers are among the most powerful in the business. They can be used as a stand-alone power source or in combination with other batteries and power sources.

We are experts in combining, monitoring and operating batteries with other energy assets – such as grid connections, renewable energy, and generators – to achieve even higher savings, ensure the highest reliability and least hassle for our client. 

Understanding your power demand is the first step in saving on your CO2 footprint. Before we bring in the technology, we help you by revealing your actual power demand. This helps achieve an efficient and reliable energy system at your event.

Since our establishment in 2018, we have electrified over 50 projects, saving over 120.000 litres of diesel and 384 tons of CO2 emissions. Since 2019, we already operate a fleet of 13 batteries, a number which continues to expand. We work with the major Dutch events and power suppliers and are also active in the UK and Switzerland.

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