Energyst Rental Solutions B.V.

Energyst Rental Solutions B.V.


Event power & temperature control rental
Focus on your event – we’ll focus on keeping the lights on. Keeping the show on the road means having guaranteed power, heating and/or cooling supplies. We let you focus on putting your event on, while we focus on powering it. We are a one stop shop, and have handled hundreds of events. We can help you make a success of festivals, TV productions, and sporting and business events.

Our one stop shop lets you stay focused on the event itself; you deal with only one supplier for all your power and temperature control needs.

Without power, the show can’t go on. Failures cost not just money, but can disappoint visitors and ruin your reputation. We take the success of your event personally. That is why every project starts with our sincere desire to understand your needs. We will sit down with you and continue to ask questions until we know your exact requirements. We ensure you get efficient, environmentally sensitive and low-noise equipment. And because reliability is crucial during your event, we also supply back-up solutions in both material and personnel.

Energyst CAT Rental Power
As a global operator, Energyst provides turnkey rental solutions for temperature control and power generation. What makes Energyst different from other energy rental companies? It’s not our equipment. It’s not the hardware of our standard and customised solutions. Without any doubt, we are Energyst because of the real energy that our people bring to your world.