Standnr: B 346


<p>Many companies have a lot of processes which work with various Excel lists, loose, personal and handmade e-mails, documents and / or invoices and type data from one system to the other. This results in a lot of manual activities with high probability of errors.</p>

<p>With Easydus you can, not only, automate your (complex) participant registration, but also you Sponsors, Abstracts, Exhibitors and other relations. Whether or not in combination with a CRM and participation history.</p>

<p>All in one tool? Indeed! We achieve this by splitting your communication into blocks (for example forms, mails, login portal). We edit these blocks especial for your goal and target audience. To manage your different audiences, each audience has it's own set of blocks. You can edit these blocks yourselves at any given time.</p>

<p>Stop with sending mails back and forth and create an environment in which your target group can achieve there goals themselves. Curious? Send a message <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvette-kox--easydus--business-consultant/">through  LinkedIn</a></p>