Danish designers re- invented the waste bin by offering a sustainable solution in Europe

DropBucket: changing a waste bin into a pretty, user- friendly, cheap and sustainable solution for everyone at festivals, events and fairs!

DropBucket is the perfect easy and effective solution for any festival, event and social gathering. The waste bin is designed with the FSC certificate to ensure that the bin only consists out of responsible gained materials. Many fairs, festivals and events use the bin since it is profitable for the budget, and profitable for the environment.

‘’We love to make a product that does not harm the environment, only made from recycled materials and reduces a lot of work time!’’

About the bin DropBucket always comes flat packed. By delivering 100 DropBuckets on a one-euro pallet, transportation costs and emission are limited. Moreover, the bins can be set up in only 2 seconds. As a result, any event or festivals saves up time, money and manpower during the build-up and tacking down of any event.


The first DropBucket was made out of recycled cardboard, but the company had great ambitions. As a result, the new recycled plastic DropBucket model has just launched! This model can be reused for many, many years. The bin is bottomless, which enables you to leave the garbage bag on the ground and life the bin over the bag. This saves again time and requires almost no physical power.