Den Hollandsche PiekUnie B.V.

Den Hollandsche PiekUnie B.V.

Piek is a digital system that can be used to organize payment services for every kind of event. The system allows visitors to pay for their consumptions with the Piek Wallet app or a NFC-tag. This way visitors spend less time waiting in line and you can finally say goodbye to plastic coins!

Piek organizes your payment services quick and easy. Due to the plug-and-play set up, installing requires minimal time and makes Piek easily scalable. You can add a new point of sale with the push of a button. In addition, the system provides organizations real time insights into the spending behavior of visitors. The data allows organizations to respond to off-peak moments by setting up happy hours. After each event, Piek offers a clear and specific overview of the financial results. This overview contains insights such as the total transactions, revenue (per sale point), the average spending amount and transactions at the points of sale per visitor.

No sales? No charges! Piek operates on a No Cure – No Pay basis. Want to know more about Den Hollandsche PiekUnie, the technology or a demo? Come visit our stand (466), we are happy to answer all your questions.


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