Without power, the show can’t go on

From Glastonbury and Cirque du Soleil, to the World Cup and the Olympics, we’re proud to power the world’s most exciting events. We’ve been supplying event heating and power for more than 30 years, so we know how to put on a spectacular show. We dedicate as much enthusiasm to planning your event power and temperature-control as you put in to organising things front of house.

We work quietly behind the scenes, making sure the lights are powered, the sound checks run smoothly and activities are broadcast worldwide.

So, whether you’re entertaining a festival crowd, or broadcasting to millions worldwide, we’ll take care of the details – leaving you to take centre stage.

Partnering with you, bringing reliable power and temperature control to make your event a success

With a major event, you only have one chance to get things right, so you need a partner who’ll be by your side from start to finish – especially if the event will need months, or even years, of planning.

As well as front of house and field of play, temporary event power, heating and cooling will be integral to many things behind the scenes, including hospitality, security, medical, broadcasting, ticketing and retail.

Our engineers are experienced in meeting complex challenges. If your venue’s tight on space, we can engineer our equipment to fit. If we need to install it away from your event we can bring in cabling and/or air ducting to get the power, heating and cooling to where it’s needed. What’s more, we can adapt quickly if the scope of your event changes during planning.